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Does your spouse know where to find everything in case of an emergency? Do your kids or grandchildren know where to look? They will — when you keep your documents at ASBASafe.

The older we get, the more we all realize that well-organized files are important to everyone around us — especially the family and trusted friends who may need to come to our aid in difficult times. ASBASafe is the perfect place for storing all your critical life documents: wills, insurance, mortgages, 401Ks, pensions, contracts, and so much more.

Filing made easy

ASBASafe lets you quickly recreate the same filing system you have in your home — safe and secure behind a login. You and your spouse can share a login, or each have your own. It’s fast, simple, and extremely safe. No one can see your files unless you want them to.

Sharing with loved ones

And what about your kids or friends? That’s up to you. You decide who has access, and how much. You can create a unique login for each person you trust. You determine what they can see and what they can download. Your files and folders at ASBASafe are actually safer than the paper files you keep in your home, since they can’t be lost in a fire or flood, and no one can look at them without your approval.

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Sign up for ASBASafe now, and see how fast and easy it is to store your most important documents online, behind a super-secure login. (If you have a smart phone, don’t forget to download the for iPhone or Android so you can convert all your papers in a snap!)

Simple, secure, family‑friendly

ASBASafe is quick and easy to use — there’s so little to learn. You can store all your important papers online in a snap, behind a secure login. Want to share the work? No problem. Just give logins to your spouse or your kids so they can help you upload files and manage the family account.

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