Protect your privacy

ASBASafe respects your concerns about privacy and your need for confidentiality.

A safe and secure place for your most sensitive information

Companies gather data about us almost every time we log onto a website. We even voluntarily give away information on social media pages. Massive computers read our emails to see what we are interested in to send us more accurately targeted ads. Privacy doesn’t seem to exist.

Even files that are never intended to leave our own computers may not be safe. With malware accidentally downloaded while opening an email or a curious child simply using the family computer, our tax returns, credit card statements and other information can make their way into the wrong hands. Confidentiality diminishes every day.

At ASBASafe, we understand the need to hold onto what seems to be the ever-shrinking confidentiality. That's why we protect your privacy by strongly encrypting your data both in storage and in transmission. That's why we created mobile apps that extend that encryption all the way to your smart phone or tablet.

But maybe you want to share some files with some people

You probably don’t want to keep everything just to yourself. Your accountant needs your receipts for your tax returns and your banker may need your income statements and list of assets when you apply for a mortgage. Or you may simply want to make sure your spouse can easily find your living will or medical power of attorney.

Sharing this information via email is like writing it on a post card and sending it in the mail. There is no confidentiality. Just about anybody who is interested can read it. So you want to make sure that you reveal this information only to the people who truly need to see it.

That’s why we took great care designing the sharing functions of ASBASafe. You can share one document, all documents, a folder, or all files in a folder except for one. It’s completely customizable. And not only do you have a complete record of who saw what and when, you can take away or give sharing rights at any time. All to protect your privacy.

Even better, when you give access to certain files in your account, the ones you don’t give access to don’t even show up on the other person’s view of your account. For example, you could have 1,000 documents in ASBASafe and give your attorney access to only one. When your attorney logs in, only that one document will be displayed. No one needs to know that you’ve stored another 999 with ASBASafe.

And you have secure access to your files from anywhere

Sometimes it seems that no matter where we are, what we need is somewhere else. If we’re at the office, we need a document from home. Or if we’re at a winter or summer home, what we need is at the other place.

There are some great syncing apps for things like your music, photos, calendars or other files. But, for some important documents and files, things you need to keep confidential, you may not want to have them always available on your phone or all of your family’s devices. You want them in one place, accessible only by you, from wherever you may be.

And that’s what ASBASafe does. Your documents and other files remain confidential, can be shared only if you want to share them, and you can access them from anywhere. We respect your need for confidentiality and work hard to protect your privacy.

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