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Getting documents into your ASBASafe account


Asking for electronic copies: Your attorney, insurance agent, tax preparer and other professionals may be able to provide you with an electronic version of the work they prepared for you. In fact, they may prefer this to providing you with paper documents. So, ask them for a digital copy of what they've prepared.

Having non-sensitive receipts and documents emailed: Many stores offer email receipts and if you want to put that receipt into your ASBASafe account, perhaps for tax purposes or to record a warranty, you can easily forward the email directly into your account.

Smart Phone: ASBASafe offers free iPhone and Android apps that let you use your smartphone as an easy way to quickly get documents into your account. These apps are secure, letting you transmit the images in encrypted form. Check out the apps. A link to our apps is provided on most of the ASBASafe pages and your can also access them directly with your smart phone. Just search for safelyscan in the Apple store or for SafelyFiled in the Android store.

Scanning: Old paper documents and certain legal documents, like death and birth certificates, social security cards and powers of attorney may need to be scanned into your account. If you have a scanner and know how to use it, you can gradually get these documents in as you run across them. Some office stores, like FedEx/Kinkos can scan your documents an put them on a flash drive or a disc.

Getting Help: Setting up an ASBASafe account often spurs members to really get their affairs organized. Sometimes that can seem overwhelming and a little help might be in order. So, below are three resources you can use to find someone near you who can scan those documents and, if you want, also help you organize your important files, videos and other files. There is a charge for these services, and you should make sure the person you've selected can do what you want and that you understand the costs before you agree to any services. Here are the links:

  • The National Association of Professional Organizers. This organization represents over 4,000 organizers and has affiliates outside of the United States. Just click the link and you will be taken to their organizers search page.

  • Getting Organized Magazine: The magazine provides a list of organizers who have registered with the magazine. Just click the link and you will be taken to their organizers search page.

  • ASBASafe trained organizers: We are still building this list, but the organizers below have undergone specific training to use ASBASafe.

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If you are a person or business interested in providing scanning services to ASBASafe members, please contact us.

These are provided for your convenience only and any agreement for services provided are entirely between you and the individual or business.



The following scanners can help you upload documents yourself. However, please make sure you determine if the scanner is compatible with your operating system (Windows 7, OSX, etc.) before any purchase.

fujitsu scanner

Fujitsu ScanSnap is a reliable, intuitive scanner, enabling you to quickly scan and upload multi-page and two-sided documents. Learn more here, or buy from CDW here

Canon scanner

The Canon MX922 is a reliable 3-in-1 (copier, scanner, fax) that lets you quickly upload multi-page documents. Learn more here.

Epson scanner

The Epson WorkForce series is another well regarded line of all-in-one devices (printer, scanner, fax, and copier). It is a good low cost option for a home office or small business. Learn more here.

This information is provided for your convenience only and ASBASafe does not warrant the performance or applicability of any of the equipment listed above.

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