Our Story

As Internet companies go, SafelyFiled is a bit different.

We're Driven By Experience

Unlike hot Internet companies founded by teenagers, our two co-founders, Mark Snow and John Dore, are both over 60. They are parents and grandparents. Both have managed their families and businesses. They’ve taken out mortgages, put children through college, and helped take care of elderly parents.

We think that their wealth of life and business experience gives SafelyFiled some advantages. When we built SafelyFiled we asked ourselves what was important to us. And a few things became obvious. For starters, we know we still need some documents in paper form (like wills and powers of attorney) and years of frustration taught us that we could really use a reminder about where we put that original. And after losing out on more than a few warranties because the time period expired, we wanted the system to automatically send us an email or text a few months before the expiration. You’ll see functions like that, functions that could only be thought of after years of experience, throughout SafelyFiled.

We Aren't Just Guys

We are different because our IT “guys” are women. Our Chief Engineer, Dr. Susan Hinrichs, and our Chief Technology Officer, Terri Caldwell, have been leaders in the computer and networking space for many years. Susan has taught computer security at the University of Illinois and was a technology leader for network security management at Cisco Systems. Terri also led product development at Cisco Systems and had a long career in the Air Force that included setting up secure networks in Europe and for the United States Federal Courts.

We Started With Security

We designed SafelyFiled in an unusual manner. We actually started with security. It was only after we had that figured out that we designed the user interface that you see. Most companies start with the user interface and then add security later. Not us. Security is at our core and everything else is secondary. After all, we are asking you to trust us with your important documents and because we are a bit more experienced, we have a solid appreciation of how important these documents are.

We Are Digital Immigrants

Though we are in a business that relies on computers, we are not digital natives. We didn’t grow up with the Internet, smart phones or iPads. So, it’s not the computer, but you, our members, who are most important to us. Our help desk staff is patient, well-trained and doesn’t assume that you know what SSL is or that your eyes will automatically go to the little thing on the screen we want you to click, just because we are thinking about it. We have grandmothers on the help desk, and if they can teach babies how to drink from a cup, eat with a spoon and hold onto their shirtsleeves when putting on a coat, well you don’t have anything to worry about.

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