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Secure and Available Emergency Medical Data

Why do you need SafelyMD?

In an accident, will emergency medical staff know your critical medical information? SafelyMD offers a secure service to make the information you feel is important available in the case of an emergency.

ASBASafe Personal

For Organizing Families and Individuals

Do you have your affairs in order?

Would your kids know where to find key documents — insurance, mortgage, titles, and taxes? Does your spouse even know where the papers are? Do them a favor: make all of it ASBASafe.

ASBASafe can help you and your family stay organized and in control. See how ASBASafe can help you if you are:

ASBASafe Professional

For Secure Client Communication and Your Business Records

File From Safe and Secure

Are you a professional?

ASBASafe helps your clients get organized — and helps you stay securely connected. Set up a customized account for your clients and for your own business!

See how you and your clients can always have secure access to important files. See how ASBASafe can help you if you are:

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